"Smashing Stereotypes One Hit at a Time"

Welcome to Milwaukee Iron Rugby

Please take a few minutes to learn about us and gain some insight into who we are and what we do. The Milwaukee Iron, Inc. is a wheelchair rugby team based in Milwaukee and serving the entire state of Wisconsin. We are a member in good standing of the United States Quad Rugby Association (USQRA) and are one of over 35 teams located throughout the United States. The Milwaukee Iron, Inc. is a nonprofit organization funded by private contributions and local sponsors. We would be pleased to include your name on our list of contributors. Our 501(C) (3) status allows you to use your contribution as a tax deduction.

The Mission of the organization is to provide tetraplegics (previously identified as quadriplegics or quads) with a competitive athletic outlet that creates an atmosphere in which athletes are encouraged to reach their physical, social, and emotional potential. In addition, the team and its members serve as a resource to rehabilitation medicine and healthcare professionals, and support, peer council, and mentor fellow individuals with physical disabilities, and their families.

Primary goals and objectives:

  • Provide a competitive, unique, and original team sport for people with a disability severe enough to limiting the function of upper and lower extremities.
  • Provide a mechanism for individuals with severe permanent or temporary disabilities to compete in a sport, vigorously and safely, under specific rules.
  • Contribute to and provide incentives for the rehabilitation of persons with physical disabilities by providing them an opportunity to participate in the exchange of ideas and the comradeship experienced by athletes.
  • Encourage persons with physical disabilities in the development of new skills to the maximum use of their capacities.
  • Initiate, stimulate and promote the growth and development of wheelchair rugby for persons with physical disabilities.
  • Promote the benefits of wheelchair rugby and publicize the accomplishments of the participants.
  • Provide an informal support network for persons with physical disabilities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or if you want to see a practice, desire a demonstration, want to make a contribution.